Director's Message

Director, Mr. Neeraj Chugh (B.Com.,M.Com.,MBA,CPL(FAA))

Director's Message Chugh Legal Services (P) Ltd. was incorporated on 22NDAugust 2013 under the Indian Companies Act,1956. This Company is a product of unique vision generated as a result of Coming together of various persons having diverse experience(s) and background , but a common vision and burning desire to excel in life. The objective of this Company is to provide entire gamut of legal services, across various branches of laws both Indian and International, under one common roof, so that it becomes one stop destination for the client, desirous of obtaining legal relief. The Company in its short existence has managed to empanel impressive battery of Lawyers and is now poised to take off in the realm of legal world. The vision of the Company is also to make a foray into LPO (Legal Process Outsourcing) and go into international legal practice, for which the Company is already engaged in discussions and talks for effecting tie ups with international legal firms of repute, in US, UK and Canada. Down the line, in foreseeable future, the Company in keeping with its vision and to fulfill its role as a model and responsible Corporate citizen of India, is actively intending to promote and hold free legal aid camps and also Para Legal Services, so as to provide relief and succor to the down trodden and poor citizens of India, having no recourse to legal relief.